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Videographer Gilbert Aguilar has submitted another rad edit. Scope as Billy Ortega and friends tear L.A a new one.

how to make a zine

Inspired to make your own shitty zine? Interested in losing money in general? Well now you can get all the know-hows you need from this great video by Work in Skateboarding. Video features Zach Hudson from "How Dare You", Jake Main and Adrian Vercoe from "Seconds", Tadashi Yamaoda from "Kobrah", and Frontside SF founder Ryan Abraham, from Frontside.

A tribute to our good friend. In memory of artist, photographer, and skater Shawn Whisenant. Video by artist Spencer Keeton Cunningham.

Special thanks to Luke Lasley for putting this promotional video/skate porn edit together. Thanks to Jarod Taber, Evan Collisson, Charlie DiMascio, Dan DeSanto, Nick Barwick, Dan Harper, and Robert Pawlikowski for providing the shred appeal.

Rumor has it this spot is already flagged for demolition. Thankfully this edit exists to attest to the ripping that transpired here.

The FSSF L.A connection. Pretty badass.

These two kill it every day in Santa Cruz and it's good they're finally getting some global attention. Check out Cody's photo by Julian Splies in FSSF Issue #1 and on our about page.

The Skate Jawn crew makes a trip out west. Support these guys all you can and pick up a copy of Skate Jawn at your local shop.

Ryan Abraham and Zac Gunter dodge drizzles and skate some Oakland crust. Filmed and edited by Gilbert Aguilar.

FSSF Presents Charlie DiMascio.
Check out his interview in the Spring 2013 issue of frontside. Here's a lil' something he filmed with us on the side for your enjoyment.

Charlie DiMascio, banging in the present and past. Needless to say, he shall continue to bang in the future. Videos above and below filmed and edited by "LurkLoverne".

Co-founder and contributing editor of Frontside Evan Collisson is a ripper with a covetable style who now tears in Berkeley. Scope this video short that Stereo and Transworld did with him back in his not so distant Dubai Days. In Dubai, Evan also worked as a staff photographer, contributing editor, and writer for the UAE Skate Mag "Rage".

Read The Snipit on the Transworld Site.

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