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Issue #6 will be worth the wait. Just scope this beautiful Lipslide by Itamar Kessler. Photo: Daniel Beck

Yes... Issue #6 is coming. We've been looking for the right printer and think we have finally found one that is a good fit for the job. The wait will be well worth it as this issue contains our favorite photos to date. Gnarly/Artsy/Lo-Fi/International/Raw. An "Editor's Pick" issue if you will.

Manuel Castillo floats what is quite possibly the cleanest kickflip we at frontside have ever seen. Photo: Tim Aguilar.

See more from Tim Aguilar and other rad photographers in FSSF #5. This issue features more skate photography than any other issue of FSSF thus far. It also pays tribute to our good friend Shawn who was an awesome friend, photographer, skater, and member of the bay area skate community.

After much anticipation, we finally have an Indiegogo Campaign! Check out the vid, pledge a bit of money to keep Frontside in print, and get some good ass rewards.

Steven Tran solidly pokes a smith grind . Photo: Christian Ericksen.

Get stoked because our one year mag is almost here and it is a doosy. Aside from featuring the usual amazing skating and photography of our local champs, this issue also features original artwork from SF illustrator Patrick Sean Gibson, some goofy board designs from Consolidated Skateboards, original articles, and more. Should be dropping mid December.

Cruzin' Island Style. Photo: Harrison Gayton.

Better get yourself ready for simultaneous chilling and ripping because summer and the FS Summer mag are almost here! This one's a doozy featuring some amazing photography and skating as usual as well as some reviews of skatey-things and some odds n' ends. Start looking for them in mid June.

Jon Perez. Kickflip. Berkeley, CA. Photo: Christian Ericksen.

FSSF Issue #2: "Spring 2013" Now Available! Containing a full interview, a video promo, and some amazing photos, this one's a keeper. Come to Book&Job to pick up the first printed copies or lurk at your local skateshop or bookstore.

FSSF will have a table at Book & Job Gallery's "Zine and Art Book Weekend"! Come down on the evenings of the 29th, 30th, and 31st of March to see some great bay area publications, support us by treating yourself to some mags or merch, or just kick it with us!

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Shaun Hernandez, Wallride with Baby

Andre, BS Tail. Photo: Martin Willson

Martin Willson is an NY skater/filmer/photographer that has gone west coast. He's a purist; analog photo and VX strictly. At Frontside we're all stoked to see him use his skills to bring beauty to SF's iconic, gnarly terrain.

Keep an eye out and lurk on his vimeo, flikr, and site to see skateboarding, straight up beautiful photography, and more.

After a high-speed line, Charlie ended with this casual 15ft BS50 over the rainbow. Charlie is a Bay Area ripper and you'll see more of him soon as he'll have an interview in the Spring 2013 Issue and is currently filming for a FSSF exclusive video edit.

On March 15th, pay our friends at Book&Job Gallery a visit and see the show "Drama in a Common Place", featuring the photography of Jai Tanuu, Ben Gore, Shawn Whisenant, and more.

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Check out the photography of Derek Holguin. Aside from shooting super raw skate photography, he also captures a range of subjects and has a damn good sense of visual humor. Pick up the Spring edition of the mag to see more of his work or

visit his site at:

Frontside featured at Seeing Things Gallery's "Zine Buffet"! Copies still available at the gallery.

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